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Photo by Ruben Rosa Banon

Energy as Fuel for Musical, Architectural Wonder: Spiral Core is the Precious Home for Conscious Musical Enjoyment

It almost sounds like the perfect beginning to an artist's tale - to a story that would probably make so many philosophers proud: A relaxing walk through the Waldenburg Valley, located in Switzerland, holds a discovery for Spiral Core, aka Martin Bonauer, that was to change his life. Without looking for it, he suddenly found himself in the middle of the Spiral Core and was immediately confronted with the full force of all possible feelings of this universe. 


A beautiful yet dangerous confrontation: far too much emotional energy for one person alone. Immediately solutions and ideas had to be found to tame this force.


Spiral Core reveals itself with unmistakable sounds, and its instrumental and vocal use is reminiscent of finely cut diamonds in the middle of the pop world. Spiral Pop sets out to create musically architectural WOW moments in the delicate auditory nerves of sound connoisseurs.


Nobody knows better how to turn visions into reality than the person behind Spiral Core: Martin Bonauer is an architect in real life and exemplifies the methodology of making things audible and visible - both music architect and life enjoyer at the highest level!


The inexhaustible feeling energy transforms into music for human ears - converted into the highest attainable purity directly from the source of the Spiral Core! In other words, a team puts their heads together around this genuinely remarkable musician. After a timeless journey, it extracts with much love these sound waves radiating through the speaker membranes of the natural world.


Over 50 songs have been extracted from the Spiral Core, which are now gradually being prepared for the public.

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